Barrel Table with top and base is shown. The table with base only is $800, the table with top only is $1300 and the table with both the base and the top is $1400. Shipping and handling not included.

Bar stool is 25″ and will work perfectly with any normal-sized table. For full-size bars, we recommend our 29″ bar stools. Cost is $170-$180, shipping and handling not included.

Four Wine Glass Holder, $ 60.00 Shipping included 13 inches high x 11 inches wide.

Height: 34 Inches; Width: 8 Inches. $ 130.00 Shipping Included

Charcuterie trays and platter, sizes and prices varies. Click the Etsy store button to see our new inventory.

Keys holder with clock, Measures: 7″X20″X2″. $ 65.00 Shipping included

Wide varieties of trays and platters, prices varies from $ 60.00 to $ 200.00 shipping and handling included. For new designs and prices please check our Etsy shop.